The Woman in the Moon, The Dolphin’s Back @ The Globe

18th – 19th of August

by John Lyly
Directed by James Wallace


Bella Heesom as Pandora (photo by Robert Piwko)

Resurrected from the 1590s, John Lyly’s ‘The Woman in The Moon‘ is an Elizabethan romp through the creation of women into Utopia, in the form of Pandora. The Planets, jealous of Pandora’s beauty,  take turns revenging themselves on Nature’s creation as she is pursued by the four love-lorn shepherds. The play twists and turns hilariously as each God exerts their unique brand of revenge.

Director James Wallace has produced a slick and vibrant telling. John Lyly’s text is witty, sexy, and farcical, and though over 400 years old, was more accessible than some modern texts I’ve seen recently.

Through it all, Pandora (Bella Heesom) masterfully jumps from emotion to emotion, as the colourful pantheon of gods send her from wroth, to lust, to wit, to sadness.

It’s like Shakespeare produced Inside Out.

The cast is scintillating and energetic, their visible joy on stage holds the show together. The exemplary ensemble is led by Heesom, whose versatility on stage was a pleasure to witness.

Special mentions also to James Thorne (Gunophilus), Tim Frances (Jupiter), Joy Cruickshank (Venus), & James Askill (Iphicles).

A blast of nothing-but-fun for Elizabethan fans, and a wonderful trip to The Globe.

Just a pity there’s not a longer run.

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