The Checkout, Hen & Chickens Theatre

26th – 27th of August

Camden Fringe 2017

Performed by Emma-Jane Hinds / Devised by Tom Lewis & Emma-Jane Hinds

Based on real events, The Checkout is about a mother tying to cope after her only daughter leaves home. Hilarious and touching, Liz (Emma-Jane Hinds) takes us through exactly why she ended up lying on Asda’s floor between the frozen pizza and baked beans for several hours.

It’s a wonderful, and quirky piece that makes you want to call home to mum.

The ways in which the clearly traumatised Liz masks her grief becomes the source of the performance’s great humanity, it’s tragedy, and it’s humour. Hinds is engaging, and thoroughly entertaining. Her character work is a delight, and her physical comedy is superb, often bringing the audience to cackles with a simple flick of her eyes or intake of breath.

The performance is infused with the music of Tchaikovsky, bringing a never-before-seen epicness to the act of shopping for Yorkshire pudding.

It’s a fun-filled, joyful show from a young artist to be watched.

And I have no doubt that Emma’s mother must be proud.

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