Fagin’s Twist, Avant Garde Dance @ The Place

Director / Choreographer: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Lisa Hood
Dramaturg: Adam Peck
Text: Maxwell Golden
Designer: Yann Seabra
Lighting: Jackie Shemesh
Specially commissioned music: Seymour Milton, Benji Bower

Touring nationally, 28th September – 12 November 2018 

Photos by Rachel Cherry

With break beats, hip hop inspired moves, minimal dialogue and a complex moral, Fagin’s Twist is a creative contemporary dance transformation of Dickens’ classic story.

The choreography is slick and impressive, filling the space with motion and emotion, representing our characters’ desperate struggle to reach their dreams. Our hero, Fagin (Arran Green), has always wanted a pocket watch – a simple goal, but complicated along the way by his connections to the volatile Bill Sykes (Stefano A. Addae), the vulnerable Nancy (Ellis Saul), the Artful Dodger, our narrator, and Oliver (Sia Gbamoi) – here a female character, and a conniving villain.

This shifting set is well set off by creative lighting and bold costuming. The ensemble are engaging and talented, communicating complex social situations with verve. The narrative of the production was well constructed in the first acts, but felt abruptly finished – raising more questions than it answered, which may have been Adigun’s goal.

With a pulsing soundtrack, clever design and brilliant dance, the show is inventive and innovative. This is an excellent production for students exploring Dickens, dancers looking for new modes of expression or those seeking an original theatrical experience.


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