White by Koko Brown @ Ovalhouse Theatre

15 – 25 November 2017

Created & performed by Koko Brown
Directed by Nicholai La Barrie


Koko Brown’s White is an autobiographical one-woman show about her experience as a mixed-race young woman. It’s about how being mixed has affected her, the privilege it’s granted her, and how it has alienated her.

The performance is a blend of spoken-word and live vocal looping, creating a moving and musical examination of self.

Brown is an exceptionally charismatic performer. Her musical talents are suburb, and her writing are engaging, clever, brilliant and lyrical. Her energy and smile are infectious. It’s an honest and often vulnerable performance.

However, I wanted the play to go deeper into the small moments. The play’s broad strokes and struggles were told with great clarity and elegance, but I found myself craving more shading and fine points.

Though we experience amazement at The Black Lives Matter march and are moved by the feelings invoked, we don’t find out what the crowd was really like. What were they saying and chanting? Was it the press of bodies that was affecting? The vibe? The banners? When so-and-so said the racist thing, was it a date? Were they confronted and how’d they take it? What did mom say? These details are often what bring me along for the ride, but were often glossed over in exchange for focus on more general themes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many moments where you relive the events along with Brown. I just wanted more of them!

It’s an important, thought-provoking piece, and Brown’s work unearths issues that we need to address.

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