Glue, Time Won’t Wait @ Ovalhouse Theatre

3rd – 7th October

Written & performed by Louise Wallwein
Directed by Susan Roberts


Photography by Benji Reid

Glue is an orphan’s journey of torn identity, nuns, rebellions, and family reunions from the wings of aeroplanes; jumping through time from childhood foster care, to the very present past, in a memorable one-woman show.

It’s an amazing story, and Wallwein’s unique blend of poetry and prose is a perfect vehicle for it.

I was not surprised to discover that the piece has been previously published as both book, and BBC radio drama. Wallwein’s words hold their own, her imagery, pacing, poetics, humour and energy hold the piece together, her performance wrapped up in infectious Mancunian charm.

The live music by Jaydev Mistry is simply sublime. His ethereal swells guide you through the piece, and transport you, lifting the performance into something beyond itself.

In fact, the whole production side of things was superb; the lighting, design, multimedia, sound, direction, and movement, expertly supporting the performance.

Wallwein has created an incredibly vulnerable piece, her life laid bare in a way that’s still very present, even decades after some of the events portrayed. The most touching moments were when the audience were welcomed into that; when the stylized narration bled into the deeply personal, and when you saw the lost child in her. And then the music would lift you the rest of the way.

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